Residential Leasing

RentingMantra is the Delhi's leading property management company. We provide high-class Residential Leasing services for rental homes, houses, flats and studio apartments in rent in South Delhi, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida regions. Our idea is that every property will be managed our own, by offering quality tenant management services at low operating cost coupled with superior customer service. By adhering to this idea from the very start of our business venture we have been able to generate highest income for ourselves at lowest expense levels for our clients.

Property owners and tenants prefer to avail Residential Leasing services from Rentingmantra owing to the following niche specialties-
  • Customary property inspections
  • Round the clock maintenance of property and emergency repairs
  • Exhaustive screening of rental claimants to insure only the best tenants are given the property
  • Effectual advertising stratagem for rapid leasing of vacant property
  • Year end financial summaries and financial reports can be procured any time
  • Cost-effective fee is charged with no hidden costs
  • Tenant security deposits maintained with full documentation and transparency
With the undertaking to offer the best Residential Leasing services we ensure to take responsibility of tackling and resolving all concerns of our clients pertaining to renting a house, flat or studio apartment in Delhi NCR. We believe in developing buoyancy and genuine contentment for the clients with our reasonable and fair dealings.
  Our approach in resolving client's requirement is based on a methodical understanding of stated and unstated consumer needs, which is acquired through a concentrated and focused consumer and market research.